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Last updated April 20, 2012

POST / Mail Room

April 20, 2012 by ht

Just saw this photo by Christian Stoll (by way of but does it float) and couldn’t help but think how incredibly awesome the KOMBOH office would look with a megalithic mail room. We’d likely never have enough mail to fill even one of the cubbyholes, but maybe we could end up renting them out on a per night basis. Sort of like a cramped motel catered towards people who find that the stale smell of paper and lick-able glue helps them fall asleep easier. Chocolate mints on every crumpled FedEx box pillow substitute.

POST / Bin Style

April 19, 2012 by ht

Just in case you were wondering, the best* way to scare your fellow employee is to hide in the dark abyss a large paper shredding bin and pop out as they come close to place something inside. Works like a charm. The only** setback we’ve encountered so far is the build up of lactic acid in your legs if no one comes around for a long time.

*This is entirely up for debate. If you have any better (and proven) method(s) of almost giving your cubicle mate a heart attack, please let us know.

**No one has yet to try and lock us inside. I’m guessing that this is far less enjoyable.

POST / Computer Juice

April 5, 2012 by ht

Some hot new items added to KOMBOH graphics development arsenal*. Now if we could only track down an all-in-one floppy drive lint roller set.

*An imaginary place that we invite you to visit sometime soon.

POST / Absolute Sellout

September 13, 2010 by ht

I imagine the only thing more refreshing than a Great Scot Sundae is a poster of one. But if trans fats, liquid sugar, and bovine growth hormones aren’t your style, I’m sure tha a Plus 80 Stapler poster would be easier on all of your internal organs.¬†Either way,¬†these fine gems, and many other hand selected oddities, are yours to be had at Absolute Sellout.